We will take you on an unforgettable ride of the authentic Rome.

Beyond the tourist destinations through the heart and soul of the city. 




All our tours are in English only



Check our schedule, choose your tour and send us an email at:


We will inform you by email if the tour is available and reserve the bicycle for you.


Get to know your local guide at the meeting point. He will help you to adjust the bike and will share his knowledge and passion for Rome with you.

At the end of the tour, you can show your appreciation to the guide by contributing what you think the tour is worth.


Every bike tour is a unique and different experience. The itinerary will be designed by the guide right before the tour starts, according to the participants’ skills and preferences. Your local guide will lead you off the beaten track, you will discover hidden gems and experience some of the city highlights from another perspective.


By joining one of our tours you can rent your bicycle from our bike rental partner. The special price of 10€ is valid for the duration of the tour or for 24 hours. You will pay for the bike rental immediately before the tour.  Request your tour and we will reserve the bicycle for you. Feel free to join with your own bicycle or rent one from a different rental company, in which case let us know.



All tours on demand only - email us to book  


MORNING - Every day except Sunday

9:30 am - about 3 hours

SUNSET - Every day except Saturday

2:00 pm - about 3 hours (from March 1st 3:00 pm)


CITY PRIVATE TOUR - at any time 

The private tour is ideal for couples families and groups. Your personal local guide will design the best itinerary for you according to your wishes. Timing and breaks can be set according to your needs. Feel free to let us know your wishes, passions and interests.


Experience the last authentic fragment of the Roman countryside as an 18th-century traveler; a journey through a unique combination of historical landscapes: archaeological, rural and natural. Enjoy thousand-year-old memories of Rome, ride through the City Walls, above the Appian Way paving stones and beside the Aqueducts.


Request your tour by email to receive the price quotation and availability for the tour.


Piazza dei Calcarari, 4, 00186 Roma RM

Meet us outside the Caffè.

Click here to get directions  “Meeting Point”

We are located in the center of Rome, close to Piazza Venezia. You will receive further information about the meeting point in your tour confirmation email. Please check online which one is the best way for you to reach us by: foot, public transportation or taxi.

Download this Free app to navigate by public transportation in Rome.



Skills you need

None of our tours are challenging. The pace is always slow and we stop regularly during the tour. Anybody can enjoy our bike tours, no matter their fitness level. However it's important that you know how to ride a bike! If you've never ridden a bike before you cannot participate in the tour. We reserve the right not to include people considered unable to follow the tour.


We take safety seriously: your local guide will constantly be in touch with all riders as to what is coming up so you are free to cycle with confidence throughout the tour. All of our tours avoid busy roads, instead taking advantage of your guide’s expert knowledge of quieter back streets, riverside pathways and park routes. As experienced cyclists, who are highly familiar with the routes being taken, our local guides are also more than able to ensure your safety at all times. If you know how to ride a bike then this really is the best way to see Rome.


If you are a large group we can only offer you a private tour.


Every tour is a different and unique experience. The itinerary will be designed daily, according to the participants’ skills and preferences. Your local guide will lead you off the beaten track, you will discover hidden gems and experience some of the city’s highlights from another perspective. 

Our Tours will not take you to either the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps as these locations don't fullfill our impeccable quality standards.

The itinerary will be designed daily according to various conditions (weather, traffic, strikes, time of the day, time of the year, holidays, works on streets, natural disaster, etc.)

In the unfortunate event that you dont find us at the meeting point for reason beyond our control (natural disasters, strikes, sudden disease, etc..) please contact us via telephone or email.